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Studio Rivadossi

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The Studio Rivadossi Team, headed by engineer Severino, is located in Brescia (Italy). The main activities are:


At the beginning of his career engineer Severino Rivadossi worked as an employee in ICT companies. From 2002 Severino Rivadossi is heading the Studio Rivadossi Team, working as ICT consultant, system administrator, project manager  in  the design of software and in software development.

The Studio Rivadossi can install and manage many kind of server. During his activity, the Studio Rivadossi Team  has acquired great expertise in Linux server installation, management and troubleshooting.

Another important business is focused on the migration of customers IT server from real machines to virtual machines.

During last two years the Studio Rivadossi Team designed and realized the entire network of a Internet Provider customer. The network include devices for custom firewalling policies and some server dedicated to providing Internet services. All production server are Debian Linux Server and services are provided using Virtualization, in order to obtain great availability and reliability.


Studio di Rivadossi ing. Severino  -  via Scuole 3, Brescia (BS)  -  Italy  -  P.IVA: 02308980982

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